There may not be such as thing as free money, but when it comes to the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, there are ways of building up your wallet for free – although granted it will be very slow, to begin with.  


One of the most common ways is via a Bitcoin Faucet or Fountain. These are websites which offer users the chance to earn Satoshi (the very smallest denomination of Bitcoin available which works out to one hundredth or a millionth!) by completing tasks such as solving Captchas. This is, of course, a minuscule payment amount, but for someone new to the idea, it is a great place to start. Some of the faucets and fountains offer referral programs which allow users to earn a proportion of however much their referral earns which is another way to earn even more.


Another option is free Bitcoin games, such as Blockchain Game hosted on Satoshidice. These types of games are saturated with adverts (of course) but can be good fun, and of course, there is the chance to win some coins along the way. The game tends to pay out once a week, so the odds aren’t super high, but it is a good way of getting Bitcoins for free.


There are plenty of websites that have wised up to the Bitcoin revolution and now offer them as a form of payment for tasks such as exploring websites, watching videos, filling in surveys or analytical tasks. There isn’t a huge return on investment in this area, but it is an easy, and free, way to build up your Bitcoin funds.


One interesting example is, which is a website that pays users for reading classic books. Perfect if you are a bookworm who would be interested in reading them anyway but would enjoy the extra bonus of their Bitcoin wallet slowing filling up at the same time.


Peer to peer Bitcoin lending is a great way of earning interest on your funds, and you are able to lend several small amounts to several users to spread out the risk and make the most of your money. Once you’ve lent your money, the rest is quite passive, just waiting for the interest to build up, although of course, it is important to make sure you can trust the site and borrower.


Finally, there is always the option for people to kindly leave you tips, especially if you have a shop, offer a service or write a blog. Some people might be nice enough to throw you a little bit of extra Satoshi if they’re feeling generous!