In theory, Bitcoin seems like a very good idea, but if you’re not sure where exactly you can spend it, and what you can spend it on, it all seems like a bit of a pointless exercise. Thankfully, the number and variety of places that accept Bitcoin is growing steadily, and you can buy anything you could possibly want or need with the cyber currency.


There are even a number of “real-world” options, for example, the University of Nicosia in Cyprus has recently started accepting Bitcoins as payment for tuition fees – the first to do so, but presumably not the last!


If you’re not looking to fund a degree, but perhaps want to update some of your electronics and gadgets, the Bitcoin Store is the perfect place. Selling all the electronic goods you would expect to find on websites such as Amazon, but cheaper and with international shipping to the majority of places – what more could you want?!


When the Bitcoin game is treating you well, you may wish to head over to BitPremier where luxury is key. Reserved only for the highest of high rollers, this site sells sports cars, real estate and one-off works of art – only for the Bitcoin rich.


Gyft is an ingenious site which allows you to purchase digital gift cards from more than 200 different retailers. This is an option which technically allows you to shop in most places using Bitcoin, as long as you buy these gift cards first. Shops include Amazon, Target, and Sears to name just three.  


For general items, Coingig is a fantastic choice as a one-stop marketplace using only Bitcoins, you can buy everything from clothes and books to gift cards and homeware. Think of it as a Bitcoin-specific Amazon, where shipping internationally does vary between different sellers but is an option for many.


For something a little different, there is always online Casinos. A large number of bigger online casinos offer players the option to deposit their funds in Bitcoins, and with signing up bonuses and various incentives, this is a fun way to spend your Bitcoin and perhaps even win a little extra too, if you’re lucky.


As you can see, these are just a tiny proportion of the ways in which your hard earned Bitcoin can be spent, and there are so many more to discover too! Once you’ve built up your wallet, the world is your oyster – so get mining!